Winston House will always be about people first. Even though our community is global and multi-disciplinary, they are brought together by the common goals of building better friendships, doing what they love, and helping create a better world.

Here's what people have to say about their Winston House experience:

 Photo by Alejandro Reyes-Knight

Photo by Alejandro Reyes-Knight

"I experienced true creative freedom and felt a sense of belonging to the people/place, inspiring the best version of my work. For me, Winston is the house of genuine American Spirit."

Aya Tarek, artist from Cairo, Egypt

"Winston House has been a major eye-opener. The combination of family, friends, and business creates a feeling of support that can't be felt anywhere else." 

Mason Hyce Barnes, professional surfer from Wilmington, North Carolina

"Winston House has changed me. I connect with people simply through our love of art and music. There is no judgement, no untold agendas."

Ruby Carr, musician from South Africa

"I've seen Winston House change so much... but I've also seen the community and vibe stay consistent. There hasn't been any fabrication of anything we do."

Corey Harper, singer/songwriter from Vancouver, WA.

"There's nothing like this environment. There's nothing like people loving each other and to be able to experience music in the best possible way."

Justin Bieber, musician from Ontario,Canada

"Some say there is no place like home and that's true. But as an artist whose home is the road, I can safely say theres is nothing like Winston House." 

Dustin Thomas, musician from Venice, California