A New Chapter

I started WINSTON HOUSE in 2016 in a live/work loft on Electric Avenue in Venice, CA. It began as a passion project to support emerging artists and to build community around the love of music.

If you’ve ever spoken with me about WINSTON HOUSE, you know that I’ve always had aspirations beyond Electric Avenue. Like most things, it has taken more time than expected, but we’re taking a big step in 2020.

I’m proud to announce an iconic new home for WINSTON HOUSE – 23 Windward Ave, Venice CA 90291.


WINSTON HOUSE at 23 Windward will offer one-of-a-kind live music experiences, restaurant, full bar and will serve as the community center for music in Venice.

You’ll find the new Winston just down the block from the famous VENICE sign and a few steps from the boardwalk. Built in 1905 as part of Winward Historic Arcade, 23 Winward Ave is one of the original colonnaded buildings, making it one of the oldest buildings in town.

The building was formerly home to Surfside Bar & Grill, Danny’s Deli and St. Marks Jazz Club. We humbly take our place across the street from legendary Townhouse Venice bar & speakeasy, the popular newcomer Gran Blanco, and the neighborhood staple Larry’s Venice.


If you were wondering why we haven’t been having Thursday night concerts recently, this is the reason. There’s been an incredible amount of work happening behind the scenes by our team to make this possible. Construction starts this week and there are a few months of work ahead. We will, of course, be providing updates throughout the process.

While different from the original house in many ways, the unique personality and mission of WINSTON HOUSE will always be about supporting artists and bringing great music to people.

Finally, thank you to every person who has attended one of our events or performed their music for our community. WINSTON HOUSE has been a deeply personal project for me, and will continue to be. Your support has meant the world.

- Corey McGuire

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