WINSTON is a community-driven movement to grow Los Angeles into an increasingly connected, inspiring & productive environment for creatives to live, work & play.


“During the summer of 2015, I opened up my house to a group of young creatives who were new to Venice, CA. They had moved from Oregon to pursue music and needed a place to crash.

Having recently moved from the Pacific Northwest myself, I was familiar with showing up in a city not knowing anybody and wanted to help.

"Helping" started with giving couches, food & advice. Soon it turned into hosting shows where they could share their music and meet like-minded people.

In February 2016, we made a logo and called ourselves WINSTON HOUSE, named after my childhood dog.

WINSTON HOUSE is doing all sorts of new things now, but ultimately it always comes back to helping creatives and bringing people together through music.”

Corey McGuire



We host a growing number of events in Venice Beach, CA, and around the world.